Fall Trends To Fall In Love With

2016 is almost out the door, and that means that 2017 interior design trends are at the forefront of our mind, but let’s not forget about one of our favorite seasons to enjoy with friends, and to decorate our homes for. While most fall home décor is geared towards bringing chunky throw pillows to our couches, and bright orange decorative pumpkins to tables, there are several other less typical décor trends that are being found in homes throughout your neighborhood.

Our Favorite Fall Trends of 2016

Dark Green

Tell the blues to move over, because dark green is making a grand entrance as a hot new color to incorporate in your home design. Whether it’s used on your walls or in your furniture, this gorgeous shade of green is sure to add a relaxing vibe to your room, not to mention, it pairs perfectly with fall décor!

Natucor in Rocky 33

Less Tech, More Living

As more and more of our attention and interest is spent on social media and with using smart devices, there is alternatively a shift in techless living rooms. A stronger focus on quality time with friends and family is taking precedence over tech gadgets, and all this trend requires from you is to create a living space without a TV.

Hearth and Home

Mismatched Cabinets

Okay, this one might not be found in a lot of homes, but we think it should, because it’s a result of “out of the box thinking.” Mismatched cabinets will mostly be found in the homes of the bold and brave, and whether you incorporate two different designs, or just two different colors for your cabinets, we can guarantee that it’ll add an entirely new look and feel to your kitchen.

Downs H20 in Harvest

What other fall interior design trends are you loving?

Monday Morning Memo – 9.19.2016

Good morning!  Are we successful?  Are YOU successful?  Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why?  Or why not?  I think that sometimes success gets confused with accomplishment or winning.  Don’t get me wrong . . . winning is a big part of success!  But true success is much, much more.  Success comes from building something that consistently produces wins over a period of time.  And success is never a destination.  You never reach success.  You pursue it . . . every day of your life.

time-management-picThe pitfall that many people and companies run into is that more emphasis is put on the short term accomplishment vs. on doing the work to build a long term successful career.  Let’s face it.  Each of us is responsible for accomplishing something this week.  Whether it is processing payroll on time, closing a deal this week, completing a job for a customer per their schedule, or getting a Monday Morning Memo out before noon, we are ALL expected to accomplish things every day, every week, every month, and so on.  And guess what, there will be a new set of expected accomplishments tomorrow, next week, etc.  When the focus is solely on the accomplishment, we may get the “win” – or we may not.  The point is to accomplish far more over time than falling short.  So, what’s wrong with focusing on the “win”?

By just focusing on the outcome – the accomplishment – we do not focus on what it takes to get there.  This means that, for each accomplishment, we often find ourselves trying to reinvent the wheel.  We don’t have a success system.  A success system is all about the activity which makes the accomplishment happen.  Winning should be a byproduct of the work that we do.  For example, if I want to lose 10 lbs. and I focus just on the outcome, I may make progress or I might not.  But if I map out the calorie intake, exercise frequency, and other factors necessary to get there, and I hold myself accountable for those activities, the likelihood of me accomplishing my goal is much higher.  In addition, my likelihood of not backsliding is much higher.

So what are you trying to accomplish?  A signed proposal?  A certain number of payables?  Painting a room?  Now, think about what you need to do every day to make accomplishment the byproduct of your activities.  For example, to get one signed proposal, how many proposals do you need to generate?  To generate those proposals, how many opportunities do you need to identify?  To identify those opportunities, how many meetings do you need to have?  To schedule those meetings, how many phone calls will it take?  Keep driving down until you clearly understand the fundamental activities that drive accomplishment.  When you do this, you will build a plan.  This plan will ultimately produce results.  And by consistently focusing on the plan – not the accomplishment – you will create success.

Take the time today to build your success system.  Have a great week!

Your Solution For Those Muddy Paws & Dropped Jars

Let’s be honest for a moment. There isn’t one specific season where spills, stains, and scratches are more prominent over another season. When you have children or pets running free throughout your home, every day of the year your furniture and floors are prone to the effects of a dropped glass of cranberry juice or trail of muddy paws. While we can’t help you with spills on your beautiful new couch, we do have you covered on the floor front.

Resistant to paws and puddles, scratches and splashes, is our Downs H20 pet and waterproof flooring. Designed with a unique locking system that locks out leaks, our Downs H20 also offers outstanding durability with high-end designer looks, which really, is all that you could ask for in flooring.

If your home isn’t bustling with children and energetic pets, Downs H20 is still meant for you! Ideal in your kitchen, bath, or laundry room, Downs H20 will prevent those accidental spills and unintentional splashes from staining or damaging your floors. Beautiful floors and less stress is what you get with our luxury vinyl, five star, Downs H20.

For more information on Downs H20 and all of our other recommended products, visit our site:www.JackLaurieFlooringAmerica.com