Going Back To College

As the days start getting shorter and the simmering temperatures start to fade we all know it’s almost time to get ready for school. If you’re one of many who have family members or friends going back to college or starting their first year we have a few ideas to help ease their transitions.

Home Away From Home

It’s no secret that one of the biggest issues students experience while at college is being homesick. That’s why it’s extremely important to make their living spaces feel as close to home as possible to help them cope with their new environment. Have your student take little pieces from home along with them, this could be as simple as bringing a familiar lamp or pillow to importing their entire decorating scheme of their current bedroom into their new living quarters.

Decorating On a Budget

College is extremely expensive, and you’re probably looking for opportunities where you can save money. There are so many ways you can decorate on a budget at college, it’s everywhere you look. Things such as posters or flags are an extremely inexpensive way to decorate and add personal touches to rooms without breaking the bank. Additionally hand me down sales are offered at almost any school in the beginning of the year where you can buy cheap used kitchenware and furniture.

Durable Décor

College students are young and reckless which lends to a trail of destruction in their wake. A college dorm room is not the place for your beautiful textured ceramic lamp or any sort for glass for that matter. Instead look for durable plastic pieces that won’t shatter if bumped into or dropped. Most college rooms are fitted with a cold tile floor and adding an area rug or a door mat is a great way to soften the room while preventing damage of the university flooring.

We at Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs wish your students the best of luck and hope they enjoy their academic experience.

Summer 2016 Sizzling Trends

As the summer rolls on most of us will be outdoors soaking up the sun while we can. Even with less time being spent indoors it’s important to keep the interior of your home fresh and fun and we have some great pointers on how you can do just that.

Bringing the Outdoors In

One of the biggest trends for the summer of 2016 is to take cues from the natural landscape surrounding your home and to incorporate it into your decorating. Integrating natural elements such as live plants and colorful flowers are great ways to provide a relaxed and tranquil feel to your household. Additionally, using natural flooring options such as wood, bamboo, and cork will provide a warmer more organic feel to you home as opposed to the harsher man-made options.

Go Bold

The summer is all about bold and eccentric trends in fashion and it applies to your interior designing as well. Bright colors are one of the keys to this summer and we suggest using some of this year’s most popular ones such as cobalt blue, candy apple red, and lime green to spice up your living space. Another tip is to incorporate audacious patterns throughout your home and don’t be afraid to mix and match as it will add depth and texture to your accommodations.

Nautical and Coastal themes

The first thing that almost everyone associates with summer is the beach and the ocean. Over the years coastal themes during the summer have been immensely popular and this year is no different. Using soft shades of blue, white, and, tan, and contrasting them with sharp navy blue or gold will provide a stunning nautical theme to your house that’s sure to impress your guests. Furthermore, adding fun little fringe pieces from the actual ocean such as sea glass, shells, or sand dollars can really tie the whole look together.

Keep enjoying all those long sunny days and don’t forget to stop by Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs for any of your flooring needs.

Monday Morning Memo – 8.1.2016

Good morning!  Can you believe that it is already August?  Since we are more than half way through the year, I want to remind everyone of the 3 major objectives in this year’s strategic plan.


  1. Upgrade our Service Delivery Capability – Our accomplishments in this area could take up an entire memo or more.  I’m very proud of what everyone has done to advance this objective.  The teams are performing at a higher level than in recent years.  We’ve added key players to our service delivery capability.  We’ve launched the Service Manager beta test successfully in Fort Wayne.  The teams have worked hard to knock down the silos that existed at the beginning of the year.  While we will never “get there”  (our Service Delivery Capability is something that we should always strive to improve), you’ve all made incredible progress through the year.
  1. Attract, Develop, and Retain the Best People – I may sound like a broken record, but I have never worked with a more capable, energetic, positive, and top-notch character group of people anywhere else.  We continue to be able to attract the best and brightest in our industry.  2016 is no exception, as we continue to bring in great people.  We continue to get better at developing, but this is where we need to maintain a huge focus.  I think that great development is the key to employee retention.  There are so many ways that we funnel information and learning.  I want everyone to have a personal development plan.  If you aren’t sure how you are being developed, get with your manager right away.  YOU are our key competitive differentiator!
  1. Produce Budgeted Profit for 2016 – The year is not over.  We’re not even on the home stretch.  We’re in the heat of the battle of our busiest time.  We’ve got a lot of work yet to do.  But for the first time in a while, we are producing our budgeted profit!  This is a testament to each and every one of you.  These profits allow us to have the means to reinvest in better tools, technology, vehicles, and most importantly . . . more GREAT PEOPLE!  Now is the time of year when we really feel the wheels wobbling.  We need to focus on the jobs, the jobs, the jobs AND the customers, the customers, the customers.  What you’re doing is working!