2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

Summer is in full heat now and there’s still so much left to look forward to. One of the most exciting upcoming events to take place within the next month is the 2016 Summer Olympics transpiring in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. The best athletes from all over the world come to represent their countries and compete in the biggest collaborative competition ever created. However this tournament isn’t just about competition, it has an overlying message of peace and collaboration amongst all of the world’s countries and it is a beautiful celebration of the human spirit.

Brazilian Inspired Décor

There’s no denying that the Olympics influence a wide variety of things across the globe when they are in session. One major cultural aspect being affected by the Olympics is design trends for the summer of 2016. This summer is the summer of Brazil and all the bright and audacious colors that come with the rich heritage of the country. Designers are taking hints from Brazilian culture and incorporating them into their designs and we suggest you do the same. Implementing bold patterns, mixed themes, and exotic bright colors are great ways to get into the spirit and spice up your living area.

Hosting Olympic Gatherings

Synonymous with big sporting events are the gatherings and parties that arise dedicated to watching them, and if the idea of hosting such an event appeals to you then we have a few tips to help you along the way. Dive into the culture and prepare Brazilian inspired dishes such as pastels, acai smoothies, or Pão de queijo. It’s also a good idea to have some alternative activities available for those that aren’t interested in watching the events. Keep the atmosphere as relaxed as possible and enjoy the company of those around you.

The Olympics and Cooperatives

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part”-Olympic Creed. Not only is participation the most important thing in the Olympics but the same goes for our business. Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs is a locally owned business which is part of a larger cooperative that relies on all the support and participation of its members. We work together to offer competitive prices to our customers while maintaining our local identity and participating in our respective communities.

We hope that you and your family enjoy the rest of summer and watching the Olympic Games just as much as we do!

Monday Morning Memo – 7.11.2016

Foellinger      Dave Foellinger – President/COO

Good morning!  My last message before the holiday focused on our Corporate Goals and pushing ourselves to raise the bar.  These goals are lofty, never ending pursuits that encompass and apply to everything we do.  When I started to ponder my message for today, something came to mind that we’ve said for years . . . It’s all about the jobs, the jobs, the jobs!  We do thousands of jobs every year.  What is more remarkable is that no two jobs have ever been the same, nor will they ever be.  Regardless of the similarities, each and every job is unique in some way or another (people, environment, time of year, materials, etc.).  Everything that we do can be broken down to a particular job.

As we kick off the beginning of another week in the heat of the Summer, please keep this in mind.  In order to truly deliver great service experiences to our customers, we must treat each and every job as something special.  The only way to achieve our goals, is to focus on every aspect of every job, individually.  As we’ve grown through the years, I’ve been guilty of at times feeling like the totality of US . . . JLG . . . was the key to success.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Our key to success is found in the details of the indvidual jobs.

What JOBS are you working on today?  What are the keys to a great service experience within those particular projects?  What can you do to differentiate our service to our individual customer on THEIR project?  As we step on the gas and press through the Summer, I want you to not lose site of each job as an individual and absolutely critical piece of the overall puzzle.  The focus and performance is our key to success.

It’s all about the jobs, the jobs, the jobs!  Have a great week!