Monday Morning Memo 5-16-16


Good morning!  Today we explore our fourth Core Competency . . . Field Execution.  This is all about doing what it is that we do.  It is giving the customer the end product that they have been looking forward to.  Without executing in the field, we have nothing to deliver.

This is also the area where we spend most of our people dollars.  We currently have over 200 people in the field, delivering our different services.

This is also the area of greatest risk for our company.  And that makes it the area of greatest opportunity.  Labor productivity can make or break our company . . . literally.  Just a 10% increase in field productivity DOUBLES our net profit as a company.  However, a 10% decrease in field productivity takes us to the brink of going out of business.  When you think of it, 10% of an hour is just 6 minutes.  6 minutes an hour can mean the difference between wild success or failure.  It is hard to fathom, but it is the absolute truth.

That is where all of us have a responsibility to the field.  If we are looking for just 6 minutes per hour, what do you think is wasted when our field has poor work instructions?  Or when the material doesn’t arrive on time?  Or when their paycheck is wrong?  Or when what the customer heard in the sales process is different than what the field came to do?  Every person in the company who does not work in the field is in place to set the table for the field’s success.  Think about it.  If we don’t have people in the field, we don’t need customers.  We don’t need suppliers.  We don’t need anything, because we don’t have anything to offer.

Take the time to think about how what you do affects our productivity, quality, and customer service in the field.  Where can you save us 6 minutes an hour?  Have a great week!

Dave Foellinger

President & Chief Operating Officer

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