Monday Morning Memo 5-10-16


Good morning!  Today, I want to explore our third Core Competency – Project Management.  The term “Project Management” is one of the most widely used in our industry, and it means different things depending on the company.  For us at JLG, it is another of our core competencies, and therefore it must provide us competitive advantages.  Project Management in our company does not simply refer to the folks in our company with that title.  It is the system and process that we follow to take a project from cradle to grave.  While the Project Managers in our company drive much of the process, almost every employee touches it in some way.

Our Mission states, “We deliver great service experiences to our customers!”  In order to accomplish this, we need to manage every aspect of our customers’ projects with precision and passion.  Project Management is about bringing order to the chaos of our industry, so we thrill customers and create a profit for the company.

What do you do that impacts the Project Management of our company?  Do you receive materials in the warehouse?  Do you generate and mail an invoice to the customer?  Do you assemble a work order?  Whatever it is, our Project Management process is dependent on all of those functions.  When we have breakdowns, the customer feels it.  And when we execute it precisely, we outshine our competition.

Think about your role today, and think about how it impacts the customer’s project.  Project Management isn’t just the job of the PMs.  We all play a roll.

Have a great week!

Dave Foellinger

President & Chief Operating Officer

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