We Have Your Messiest Moments Covered

They say that life is about simple pleasures, and we agree.

7-year old Tommy finds no greater happiness than watching cartoons every Saturday morning, while attentively sitting straight-up on your plush, living room carpet.

Claire, you’re creative 11-year old loves nothing more than painting with her new water color set.

Charlie, your loveable Golden Retriever loves rolling around on the carpet, while you might enjoy a glass of wine while reading on your couch.

Flash forward a little bit, and Tommy has spilled his orange juice, Claire knocked over her dirty water bowl, Charlie brought mud inside, and you just knocked over your glass of wine.

Life does bring simple pleasures, but it also brings spills, and for an active household like yours, we have your family and life’s messiest moments covered with our Resista Soft Style carpet.

Not only does Resista carpet repel liquid and spills upon contact, but the Liquid Repelling technology allows for the liquid to bead up and be blotted away for quick and effective clean-up.

No matter how often Charlie gallops throughout the house and rolls around on your floors, Resista is engineered to provide rich color clarity and excellent stain and fade resistance, giving it quality that you can stand on, and that Charlie can roll on.

So, let Tommy eat his breakfast on the floor, and don’t worry about where Claire paints, because our Resista carpet not only adds comfort to your feet, but it leaves you with peace of mind in knowing that no spill will get past our carpet.

Monday Morning Memo 1-25-16

This week, I want to start by sharing some recent “wins” in the company.  You may have seen the new commercials on TV for Jack Laurie Home Floor Designs.  We started a new marketing & advertising campaign this month, and the new TV advertising is one of the first parts to launch.  The exciting news is that I’ve had people in both our Fort Wayne and our Indy markets contact me to compliment us on the commercial.  It is out there, and it is getting visibility!  What is more exciting, however, is that Tony Wright let me know last week that a customer visited our Fort Wayne store specifically because of what they saw on the commercial.  Once they were in the store, our great staff turned that visit into a SALE!  Great job JLHFD!

We also experienced a win on the commercial side of the business.  Did you realize that we do over 1,000 “service jobs” per year in our commercial flooring division alone?  These are jobs that are small, quick, and with a huge customer service component.  Over time, we’ve come to realize that we aren’t Delivering Great Service Experiences to Our Customers when these types of jobs run through our project focused process.  Last week we launched the beta test of our new service division.  Gene Boerger, Phil Reith, David Jackolin, Carol Chavarria, and Joe Braun make up the beta test team.  There will definitely be more to report on this in the coming months.  We believe that by managing our service jobs to a different process, we can increase the service experience to our customers, drive out costs and wasted movements, and have our teams set up to succeed.


The reason that I share both of these is that they touch on 3 of our 4 Core Competencies:


  1. Proactive Sales & Marketing – JLHFD commercials
  2. Data Collection & Distribution 
  3. Project Management — Service Division Beta Test
  4. Field Execution— Service Division Beta Test 

When we focus on delivering excellence in these 4 Core Competencies, we create a service experience that is unbeatable.  Our Core Competencies are the foundation of our strategy.  They are the building blocks on which we achieve our mission and pursue our vision.  As we prepare to roll out our 2016 Strategic Plan, it is important to reflect on what we are really trying to achieve and why.  Take a moment to reflect on how you impact each of these Core Competencies.  Believe it or not, you have an impact on all 4!  Have a great week, and keep #celebratingthewins!


Dave Foellinger

President & Chief Operating Officer


Monday Morning Memo 1-18-16


Good morning! I want to build on last week’s message about service delivery. I got a nice note last week from one of our managers. He was passing along some positive feedback from a customer.


This customer expressed that “normally” crews in our industry roll up in a beat up van. He was impressed to see our crew who showed up, looking professional, in uniform and in a company lettered van. The customer went on to say that it made a statement to him before we even began the work.



This is a “Win” that we should celebrate. This shows us just how powerful a first impression is in shaping the customer’s experience. It also points out how all-encompassing the customer experience is. Quality of our deliverable to the customer is of paramount importance, but imagine how the customer’s experience would have been shaped if our crew showed up disheveled, in a Ford Pinto with flames painted on the side. This does not mean that we have to have a fleet of 100 vans in order to deliver great service. My point is to focus on that first, and every other, impression – the phone call, the email, the invoice. Every time we touch the customer, it shapes their service experience with JLG. What impression will you make today?




Have a great week!


Dave Foellinger

President & Chief Operating Officer

Monday Morning Memo 1-11-16



Good morning!  This week, I want to focus on our service delivery.  Service delivery is all about what we DO.  We clean. We paint. We install floors.  We hang ceilings.  The list goes on and on.  But service delivery is also about how we do it and how the customer feels.  Our Mission Statement states, “We deliver great service experiences to our customers.”  So what does this mean?  In the end, we’ve accomplished nothing until our service to the customer is complete and they’ve had a great experience.  This of course means that the quality is excellent, the timing is convenient, and the interactions pleasant.  What is not so obvious is ALL that has to happen to accomplish this.  Our front line service providers carry an incredible burden to “deliver the goods” – day in and day out.  They feel the pressure to perform for the customer more than anyone else in the company.


Many of us don’t work in a role,  directly delivering service to the customer.  Those folks work in Sales, Project Management, Operations Management, Corporate Finance, etc.  Believe it or not, this group can affect the customer’s service experience more than those who are actually delivering our service.  Everyone in these roles has to set the table for success.  Even if your day to day role seems far removed from the actual service delivery, it is not.  For a project to go great for our customers, every step along the way must go seamlessly.  This means communicating clearly and openly to each other and to the customer.  It means taking the time to create a great roadmap with excellent work instruction and a execution plan set up to succeed.  It means having the materials, tools, and job site conditions to succeed.  It means making sure that our employees don’t have payroll or benefits questions/concerns that distract them.  It means that the customer receives timely and easy to understand proposals, invoices, and other correspondence.  Ultimately, it means that we execute every role in the company with the customer, and their service experience, in mind.  When we fail to do this, our quality, productivity, and profitability fly out the window.


Over the past 17 years, I’ve seen us deliver great service, and I’ve seen us deliver not so great service.  What I’ve learned and seen time and time again is that, when everyone performs with the customer in mind and looks for ways to go above and beyond in setting the table for success, we succeed and the customer is thrilled.  We need to make our service delivery our number one priority in 2016.  We need to make every move with the customer in mind.  I need you to “Set The Table!”


Have a great week!


Dave Foellinger

President & Chief Operating Officer

Our Top 3 Favorite Interior Design Trends of 2016

With 2016 upon us, home renovations will begin to populate your winter to-do list, as the hottest trends of the year take full force. While endless articles populate the web with various décor trends, we took it upon ourselves to share our top 3, favorite interior design trends of 2016.

The Kitchen Is On Fire

The kitchen is a hot place to be this year, and with more trends in the kitchen than any other room, your options are endless for bringing a fresh look to your space. Continuing to be popular is the open floor plan, making your kitchen island the strong focal point of the room. Edgy, muted colors will be fresh on the scene, taking over as the hottest cabinet colors for the year, such as burnt orange, Robin’s egg blue, and mustard yellow.

Be One with Nature

There is nothing more beautiful than a design that is natural and looks effortless. We believe in the idea that less is more, making one of our favorite trends for the year the use of natural materials. Better yet, this spans the use of materials such as marble, granite, concrete and wood, to bringing nature inside through the use of plants or accent pieces that have been inspired by nature. If your goal is to bring a relaxing and Zen-like vibe to your space, this is the trend for you!

Pick Your Color

In 2016, the wheel was spun on the color palette, with the needle landing on shades of pink, red, and peach. Not only pretty, but these colors have a versatility to them that allows them to be incorporated into almost any room that you fancy, giving you the ability to run wild with your design. Along with pinks, reds and peach, emerald green, navy and midnight blue are also hot colors of the year, and will heavily be seen on furniture and in accent pieces.

What interior design trends are you in love with for 2016?